PhD profile and research themes

The course deals with subjects on Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering. The course is structured in two curricula: the first one is named Vehicle Engineering, the second one is named Mechanical Engineering. This characterization responds to a specific need, and in particular industrial interests (local but not exclusively) aimed at deepening the research topics related to design and development of all vehicle components and to modern industrial management from a general point of view. The educational objectives, common to all students, are: advanced training in the disciplines of the vehicle and mechanical engineering; education to the scientific and technological research; development of the attitude to international scientific cooperation; ability to interact with the industrial and economical district. In particular, the PhD fall into the specific areas provided below.

For the Curriculum on Vehicle Engineering:

- Issues on all aspects related to the design, optimization and testing of components of the vehicle and of their ensemble.

- Theoretical, numerical and experimental analysis of external aerodynamics of vehicles, internal fluidynamics, motor-related issues, chassis, power supply, transmission, etc. Detailed studies on side issues such as vibration, mechanical stress, comfort in the vehicle, etc.

For the Curriculum on Mechanical Engineering:

- Issues on aspects related to the design of machines and systems, with particular reference to the skills associated with the thermodynamic, structural, technological, and functional aspects, and with thermal and structural optimization of the machines.

- Issues on all industrial aspects of interdisciplinary skills related to Operations and the analysis of industrial costs enabled by the evolved and intensive use of advanced PLM, MES and ERP systems.

This doctorate course aims at becoming a regional reference with regard to the research activities in Mechanical and Vehicle engineering within the Emilia Romagna region.